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Woven Sacks

We manufacture woven sacks, which is used for packaging in varied industries like sugar, cement, fertilizers, salt, agri-products etc.
The basic process for conversion of the woven fabric is similar to woven sacks but it requires stitching as per requirement of the customers and varies widely from product to product. Generally the shape given is that of a cube and woven tapes are stitched along the sides and also cross corner to reinforce the walls. Inlet and outlest spouts, loop extenders, pockets etc. are provided with the bag as per requirement of the end use.
The laminated fabric is cut in to various sizes as per market requirement. Reinforcements are also provided by stitching tapes of woven fabric along the edges and also in between the edges both lengthwise and breath wise as per requirement. Finally punching Eyelets along the edges at suitable intervals produces Tarpaulin.
Conversion of laminated fabric in to the Car Covers basically requires cutting and stitching to give the required shape. Eyelets are punched along the edges of the cover, which is sometimes reinforced by stitching at extra tape of fabric.