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Pin Division

The process of making textile pins consists of the following processes:
In this process wire passes through the Spinners of the machine and gets straightened, the straightened wires are automatically cut into pieces by the cutting die provided in the machine.
The straightened wires are then grounded in the Centre less grinding machines. In this stage bundles of straightened wires are loaded on to the feeding hopper and the wire passes through the Saddle and rubberized pulleys and ground automatically to the desire length. Then the grounded wires are loaded on to the hopper of Pin cutting machine. In this machine, the ground wires are cut to the specified length.
Pins are generally hardened in the automatic Hardening Furnace. We have Electrically Heated, Oil quench, Shaker Hearth Furnace. In this type of Furnace, pins are passed through the heating zone of the furnace by means of to and fro movements of the Hearth Plate. Pins, after they are red hot, are automatically dropped into the Quenching Oil Bath and hardened. One 250 cft capacity Endo Gas generator is coupled with the furnaces to supply Endo Gas inside the furnace. We undertake hardening under controlled temperatures and pressure to resist decarburization of the pins. The temperature required for this operation is 850o centigrade.
After hardening, pins are tempered in oil tempering furnace. In this process pins are dipped into the hot (150o - 325o Centigrade) oil bath and checked at regular intervals. The bucket of pins is kept in the bath for a certain period of time and then taken out after obtaining the desired impact value.
Hardened and tempered pins are then polished in Rotary Polishing machines with the help of certain polishing agents.
After polishing each and every batch, the pins goes through inspection and is checked and only good quality pins are allowed to go in for packaging.
Generally pins are packed in Card Board Box/ Plastic Box as per the requirement.